AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - There are many educators who value making a difference in their students’ lives. Aiken County Public School teachers and staff participated in the #affecttheculture contest during the month of May.

Katie Swartzentruber, a moderate teacher for Millbrook Elementary School, enjoyed the experience of the contest. “We really just had a good time showing and sharing with the community what we’re actually doing in our building and showing the progress our students are making. We’re so excited that we won.”

Millbrook Elementary School took home the victory with a total of 10,835 posts, consisting of pictures and inspirational messages on social media.

Teacher of the year Alex Gomez says his students mean a lot to him. “My students are my ministry, teaching is a ministry and these kinds of kids are profound kids, they need so much love and care."

Executive Director of Elementary Schools Dr. Mendi Tucker says it was a reward to swap places with the teachers. “What we’ve done is try to come in and be the teacher for a little bit of the time. We talk to them, help them and make sure the lunch period goes the way that it should. “

This contest wouldn’t have been possible without Affect the Culture founder Darius Robinson. “This was a great opportunity to make an impact in our school system. They are educating our leaders and our generals of tomorrow. “

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