AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A group of select middle school students started their first day of Cyber and Robotics camp Monday Morning. Sponsored by the City of Augusta’s Information Technology Department, the camp challenges and prepares students who are passionate in STEM and computers.

Ebony Hicks, one of the camps instructors, talks about what the students will learn. “Kids come to this camp and they get to learn about the history of computers, cyber security and how to protect themselves online, along with robotics.”

More than 200 students applied for camp, however space is limited. Only 25 were selected.

Toni Lawery, a camp participant, looks ahead of what’s to come. “I’m looking forward to learning more about computers, different things I can learn about technology and how they’ve been used in the old times.”

Tameka Allen, Director of Information Technology, talks about the importance of exposing children to technology at a young age. "Today’s society is totally different, the earlier we expose our children to technology, the better off we are in the future. Those children are our future so we want to have some insight and some inquiry for what the future looks like."

The first session of the camp is from June seventeen to June twenty-eight and the second session is from July fifteen through July twenty-six. For further information you can visit

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