AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Science and math can be the keys to a bright future, and today a Richmond County school that is focused on both wanted to show the rest of Augusta how they put those keys to use on a daily basis. Students at Belair K-8 showed FOX 54 how STEAM is broadening their horizons.

“It drives my passion for teaching even more, because when I see them excited, I’m excited," said 2nd grade teacher Courteney Mihalchik.

They were excited and overjoyed while learning at school; That’s something you might not hear often, but at Belair K-8, it’s fairly common.

“They get to explore and find different ways that they can expand their learning styles,” said Principal Josh Workman.

That’s because of the STEAM curriculum. Like STEM, it’s a teaching approach that pulls science, technology, engineering and math together, but now they’ve added arts to the mix.

Workman said, "It’s really exciting, and I wish I had that when I was growing up. It’s all about inspiring our students to learn and finding what are their passions.”

They do so with a lot of hands-on activities, which were showcased at the STEAM night.

“The engagement is what really brings it to life, and I think the understanding is something they’re able to really grasp and understand the concept of what we’re teaching, because they’re working with us and not just listening to us," said Mihalchik.

The school is getting students out of the typical classroom environment, and making it a learning experience.

Mihalchik said, “It is something that we do together, so in my classroom and throughout the school, it is a group effort.”

It is also something that will hopefully not only bring up test scores, but ignite a fire for education in the students from a young age on.

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