AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Science, technology and math continue merging in classrooms to teach kids in new ways. As art is added to the mix, projects are getting more and more creative. The circuits class at Baker Place Elementary School in Columbia County presented their end-of-semester project at the school on Monday, Dec. 16.

The EPIC Holiday Light Show took the class two months to put together. Marie Blindauer, STEAM Encore Teacher at the school, said, “I taught the kids about the circuits, and taught them how to program. We downloaded the software and kind of went from there.”

The project started with Ms. Blindauer’s idea, but turned into the extravagant, half-hour show with student’s hard work. Jasmine Franco, Project Manager for the class, said, “I was super proud of all my teammates, my teachers and individuals and programs and people who were helping out.”

The students programmed the circuits, chose the songs that the lights lit up to, used blueprints of the school to determine where to put the lights and how many they needed and contacted community members and businesses like Georgia Power, Lowes and Clifton and Associates to get donations. Franco explained, “We did not just learn about lights. That’s a very important part of the show, but we learned about business, we learned about finding the right deal.”

Mrs. Blindauer says she hopes this project will inspire other teachers across the CSRA to do projects like this with their class so they can learn real world application. Students like Franco agree. She said, I just think this was an awesome experience and I think a lot of kids should be able to have an experience like this because it was a lot of fun.”

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