FORT GORDON, GA (WFXG) - One of the most common parts of military life is marching. One drill sergeant on Fort Gordon is having fun with his cadences, and is gaining national attention for what he’s getting his battalion to march to.

Sergeant First Class Lionel Crisler said, “Coming off the trail I’m like let’s do something kind of cool. You’re still marching them, still keeping them in step and people wouldn’t expect it.” That’s when SFC Crisler started ‘Baby Shark,’ and the 551st Signal Battalion went with it. Soldier Parker Wallace said, “It was hard to keep a straight face, of course, but after a few times of us doing it we just got used to it.”

SFC Crisler constantly changes up cadences. He said, “I gotta keep it fresh for myself.” It’s something the soldiers say they enjoy as well. Wallace said, “Some things can get repetitive, and when you do it over and over it gets boring, but it’s always good to stay on your toes.” Another soldier, Dylan Bazzy, added, “It is a breath of fresh air. It relaxes you. It takes off the pressure of you making sure you look perfect in front of major enlisted officers, and makes you just relax.” On the other hand, it shows a little bit of the drill sergeant’s personality. Wallace explained, “There’s emotion to it, because we saw the outside and the uniqueness of the drill sergeant.”

Bazzy said, “He has this one cadence called blue falcon where he chirps like a bird.” Even though the battalion is used to some silly cadences, ‘Baby Shark’ caught them off guard. SFC Crisler said, “I didn’t give them any notice. It wasn’t planned. I had no idea it was going to go this far.” With hundreds of thousands of shares and views on social media, it’s being talked about by people all over the country. Wallace said it even had some soldiers doing the ‘Baby Shark’ dance.

SFC Crisler said he only planned do to the cadence one time. Now, he’s done it under five. He said, “I gotta change it up again. I’d get bored singing baby shark all the time too.”

Moving on to new beats for the 551st signal battalion, but the videos and the shares remain as mementos.

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