AUGUSTA, GA. (WFXG) - The Legends Club on Washington Road in Augusta turned into the place to be as those who define cyber’s footprint in the CSRA and around the world showcased their current and future projects at the annual Invest Augusta Convention. Collaboration and connection are keys to cyber’s future in the city.

For example, Uniti Fiber made a $20 million investment in the area by installing a fiber optic network from Augusta to Aiken.

“More and more people will need bandwidth - and our company sells really fast internet, fiber based, that will allow the cyber businesses to grow and do the things they need to do for cyber security and network security,” said Unity Fiber Market account manager Dee Taylor.

A team approach like this one sets the CSRA up to win the war waged by hackers, according the the Georgia Cyber Center’s executive director.

“For the U.S. to compete with our big competitors out there, with the Russias and the Chinas of the world, it’s really going to take us all working together. That’s as government, that’s as private industry, academic institutions," said Georgia Cyber Center Executive Director Eric Toler.

The Georgia Cyber Center has all that. Factor in the Savannah River Site, Fort Gordon’s existing capabilities and the U.S. Army Cyber Command coming soon (2020) to the base.

The cyber center’s executive director said sharing this info at Invest Augusta Convention gives him the chance to share the center’s mission and to celebrate economic development.

“To have people come in and see what we’re doing and see how Augusta is growing and the opportunity that is here is pretty neat to see," Toler said.

Attendees like Cyber/IT Senior Executive Welton Chase Jr. believe it’s a great time to be in Augusta. He made Augusta his home after retiring from a more than 30 year military career. He left the conference excited about the possibilities, saying strides made in cyber put us in a position to grow at Fort Gordon and across local communities.

Other speakers discussed topics like managing a multi-generational workforce and the major growth and million-dollar investments happening right now at Fort Gordon. More than 200 people registered for the event.

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