AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Forces United held their 2nd annual Operation Tailgate on Monday, Nov. 11, to honor those who served our country.

Many military members felt the love for Veterans Day as Forces United put on a family-friendly tailgate that included fun music, food, and plenty of vendors.

"It’s a wonderful day to take time and celebrate the amazing things. We have the greatest military in the history of the world,” said Congressman Rick Allen.

Timothy McCarthy, who was one out of the many military veterans in attendance, served for 30 years in the military. “It’s good to see that leaders in our community also recognize the value of our veterans in our society,” McCarthy said.

He spent his time in Germany, Vietnam, Korea, and the U.S. holding many enlisted leadership positions. Those positions include: Platoon Sgt., 1st Sgt., Command Sgt. Major in the 72nd signal battalion and Communication Electronics Commander.

McCarthy now serves within the community through local organizations and is honored to be in the City of Augusta with those who has also served. “Many of the retirees in the area, we have a comradery among service members that you just don’t find anywhere.”

McCarthy also tells FOX 54 that he believes his service for this country felt like a calling, which makes this day even more special.

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