SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -In his campaign, Governor Kemp made mental health and school safety priorities in his platform. On Monday, he announced more funding for a plan to bring mental health professionals to your child’s school.

His proposal would help address kids and teens who don’t have access to care and could prevent school violence.

The governor mentioned funding to bring mental health professionals into schools in his State of the State address. He touted the Apex program, a plan that is currently in only a handful of school districts. On Monday, he announced that more proposed funding on the way to help get those mental health counselors into schools. He says it could help children who need care but might not get help otherwise. It could also help protect schools from the inside by lessening the chance that student turns to violence against classmates and teachers.

“When you look at the violence and the school shootings that happen, it’s usually by somebody who’s inside the school and there everyday,” said Governor Kemp.

He says the program would start gradually with finding professionals for more than 2,000 schools in the state. Some might be shared between schools. But he says that care could prevent a tragedy.

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