GEORGIA (WFXG) - The American Lung Association released their 2019 “State of the Air” report, showing Georgia has improved the ranking in air quality. The findings in the annual report track the exposure Americans have to unhealthy levels of ozone and particle pollution.

Augusta has ranked 64 out of 217 metropolitan areas for 24-hour particle pollution. On the report card Augusta received an A for the ozone and a B for particle pollution.

Janice Nolan, National Assistant Vice President for Policy of the American Lung Association, said Augusta has improved since last year. “Augusta’s done pretty well given the air quality, there still is a lot of year round particle pollution which we see nation wide it meets the standards but less is always better.”

You may not think about it everyday, but the air quality could actually affect your life span. “We’ve got evidence that the levels that Augusta has can shorten life for the people that live there too, so we need to have less pollution and cleaner air. You’re in a place where the EPA says you should be but the lung association wants you to be even cleaner,” said Nolan.

In order to continue to make progress and keep the air clean you can reduce your own contribution to the air pollution by driving less and using more energy efficient equipment.

“You need to protect your families and check the air quality index and if the day you are planning to go out and do some exercise (has poor air quality), maybe you should stay inside and make sure your children are inside,” Nolan explained.

Though Augusta has made great progress, there needs to be a continued effort to get better. “We have progress that we need to celebrate, and cherish and protect so that we can continue to have clean and healthy air for our children and grand children,” Nolan said.

You can explore the findings of the report at this link. You can check the air quality of where you live daily at this website.

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