AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - May is Trauma Survivor Awareness month, and also marks one year since Doctor’s Hospital became a level two trauma center. Now, they are starting a tradition of celebrating survivors with a Trauma Survivors Day.

Dr. Christopher Hogan, Director of the Trauma Unit, said, "We’re here to celebrate their success. We’re here to celebrate them as survivors, their endurance, and their persistence to heal.”

One of the survivors, Aishia Williams, said, "Every day is a journey, a new experience of things we take for granted every single day.” For Williams, it is things like walking, feeding herself or combing her own hair. “It has been a struggle,” she said.

Williams spent almost 30 days in the hospital after a car accident left her with multiple broken bones, including her hip, pelvis and multiple ribs, and a punctured lung. The accident happened in October of 2017. In the year and a half since it happened, a lot has changed. Dr. Hogan said, “She walked down the aisle, she weaned herself off pain medicine, and she’s leading a very successful life.” Williams added, “You know, just having your normal aches and pains that I’ll have for the rest of my life, but nothing beats living, so as long as I can do that, I’m good. “

“She’s truly an inspiration to those of us that do trauma," said Dr. Hogan. Other survivors agree. Multiple people shared their stories, and everyone mentioned a support system that got them where they are today. Williams said, “If you have good people around you, wherever you are, it certainly helps the process.” Dr. Hogan added, “I think it’s important to recognize their struggles, but to also recognize their successes.”

The event gave them a chance to share their stories and what they’ve taken away. “If I have learned anything over this experience, it may seem like it’s a long journey, and it is, but if you look over the course of your life, it’s temporary," said Williams.

Dr. Hogan says they hope this event can grow each year, maybe one day filling an arena with survivors.

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