AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) -Governor Kemp visited the CSRA to talk to local leaders about healthcare changes and economic development within the state of Georgia.

On Monday he held a round table discussion at the Christ Community Health Center about healthcare issues where local leaders from our hospitals, non-profit organizations, and government officials discussed their future plans within the community.

“It’s an innovative bunch here, and that’s what we need here. We can’t just continue to do the same things that we’ve always been doing. Hard-working Georgians can’t afford it and it’s taxing our local community.”

Governor Kemp says by listening continuously on healthcare issues it can help move plans further. “We’ve got the Patients First Act done during the legislative session that gives us the ability to move forward with Medicaid waivers and waivers to Obama care.”

The physician workforce was the big topic of Monday's meeting.

“Which I saw a lot of that action going on today regarding that, it certainly was in the budget this year. I was proud to be able to support that. We’ve put a lot of money into resources to getting more physicians into allied help work. We have to continue to work on that as a state as we move forward" Governor Kemp said.

The governor says the physician workforce is a big issue in Georgia. He believes that Augusta’s University’s plan and the Medical college’s plan of implementing three plus three plus six to shorten medical school is going to help solve some of those problems.

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