NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WFXG) - Paceline Ride presented representatives from the Georgia Cancer Center with a check for $201,320 at SRP Park on Monday, July 15. The check totaled the money fund-raised in the nonprofit’s first year as an organization. The funds were raised by community members who participated in a bike ride back in May.

Riders, young and old, rode either 20, 45 or 100 miles around the CSRA. There were almost 250 riders total, as well as 300 volunteers. Martyn Jones, President of Paceline Ride, said, “It’s a good start in our first year, but for us it’s a line in the sand that we’ve got a long ways to go, and we start here, but we need to go on.” Jones said he hopes to double the amount of money raised in year number two. Doctors and staff are already very grateful for what the organization has provided. Al Dallas, Administrator for the GA Cancer Center, said, "Certainly it’s going to go a long way supporting the great research, not only in terms of basic science, but clinical trials so that truly we can become a destination cancer center.”

Dallas was among other hospital staff who received the check on behalf of the cancer center on the GreenJackets field. Each of them was also a participant in the bike ride. In the stands watching and celebrating, there were community members who rode. Dallas said, “They actually put forth the effort. I was a 45 mile rider myself, and certainly it’s challenging, but not something that can’t be overcome.” Jones added, “It really is a thank you and bringing the Paceline community together.”

Jones said he hopes more community members will join in, whether it’s by riding or volunteering.

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