AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Doctors Hospital held a hazardous substance drill for disaster preparedness due to a substance possibly being released in the hospital.

“The scenario was, we had a situation in the operating room go off, a substance was spilled on the floor which caused a white powder, a white cloud. We had people walking by the OR and it got on them” Acy Miller, Emergency manager of Doctors Hospital said.

From there, Fort Gordon Hazmat teamed up with Augusta Fire/EMA to wash and decontaminate the volunteers. “You make sure you look at every crevice of the person who has the chemical on them, so we are washing them from head to toe. We start at the head, so you know gravity brings the chemical down” Lindsay Sikes, a registered nurse from Doctors Hospital said.

Miller says although the volunteers may have been washed completely, it’s important to make sure the chemical is completely gone. “We have a decontamination room in the ER So the ones who would get decontaminated out here would also go up there to make sure they are actually clear.”

The first responders who participated in this drill want people of the community to know that drills like this one are important to help keep people safe. “With many plants here that we have the possibility of a chemical spill, I’m just really thankful for these drills that we have here” Sikes said.

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