AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Georgia and South Carolina drivers with a lead foot can expect to see more law enforcement agencies on the roads. It’s part of Operation Southern Shield. State troopers say speeding is the main focus, but they’re on the lookout for other infractions, too. It’s a multi-state effort to crack down on speeders.The message is simple: slow down.

Drivers like Kelly Creasman said they’ve noticed more state troopers on the interstate. She says she always keeps an eye on the speed limit. “Yeah, I mean to keep everybody safe and that’s a good thing. Especially important when you have kids in the car and you’re trying to set a good example and you’re trying to stay safe.”

This week law enforcement officers have their eyes on drivers in Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida during the third annual Operation Southern Shield. It makes her family feel safe. “But nervous, I’m not gonna lie. We also don’t want tickets. So, I guess it has an impact on our behavior for sure.”

Lt. Maurice Raines with Georgia State Patrol says officers issued about 11,000 during this operation last year. “That’s on an average of about 1500 citations a day and not only citations we also arrested 566 impaired drivers. That’s about 80 impaired people per day. It’s a real epidemic.”

People who don’t pump the brakes will feel the pain in their pockets. And they’re looking for more violations like texting and driving and no seat belt, too. Tickets can cost up to $1,000.00.

This is the third year southern shield has been operating and troopers say it’s working. Georgia has seen a 2% drop in fatalities since last year; that’s 17 lives. Operation Southern Shield is in effect through Monday. Troopers say the goal is to get people to drive safely every day.

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