AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - If you've been paying attention to the golf, you would know Patrick Reed is this year's Masters Tournament champion. But he was a part of a national championship team right here in Augusta.

When you walk through the doors of the Norvell Golf House at Augusta University, you see a shrine of accomplishments. Two huge NCAA National Championship Trophies and pictures, including one face that has been all over the news the past 24 hours: Patrick Reed.

"Patrick Reed winning and having played here it just puts our program in the national spotlight." Jack O'Keefe is the current men's golf coach at the university. While he didn't coach him during Reed's tenure here he says his talent and competitive instinct is undeniable. "He does not want to lose. That was evident in college and it has been evident on the PGA Tour, Ryder Cup, and now winning his first major green jacket at the Masters."

And with this being the first former Augusta student-athlete winning the Masters, it certainly adds motivation to the athletes that are currently here

"It really raises the bar for us and all of my teammates and it shows an alumnus from here can win a major." Redshirt Junior Maggie Ashmore has her eyes set after seeing yesterday's accomplishment. Especially with the Augusta National Golf Club announcing it will be implementing a women's amateur golf tournament the week before Masters starting in 2019. "I've always wanted to play a tournament at Augusta National. I'm from Georgia so playing a tournament there is on my bucket list."

And just like Ashmore, It wasn't long ago that Reed has aspirations of playing on the same course and winning. "I don't know how many times on putting green I was like this put is to win the green jacket. It's one of those things all kids growing up thinking about."

Coach O'Keefe tells me Reed has kept in touch with the program and even donated to the President's Gala.

I spoke with Dr. Brooks Keel today and he says the past 24 hours have been crazy. There has been a discussion on how to honor AU's first ever green jacket winner. Whether that's a banner or a statute, remains to be seen. But we'll keep everyone updated when we find out what they decide.

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