GBI unveils new crime lab at Georgia Cyber Innovation Center

GBI unveils new crime lab at Georgia Cyber Innovation Center

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The GBI has its own floor at the Georgia Cyber Center designated for working on crimes if other departments in the state don't have the adequate resources to do so.

"Right now, we say that most crime scenes are going to have some type of digital nexus involved at the scene. It's not just your knife, gun, or fingerprints anymore," says Beth Messick, Digital Forensic Investigator Manager.

Beth Messick who is a Digital Forensic Investigator Manager says there is a team of eight that specializes in extracting information from a phone, a tablet, and much more.

"Your GPS, a fit bit... Anything that stores something electronically we are able to retrieve that data electronically and then use a specialized process and analyze the data," says Messick.

The main computer forensics lab is where information is taken from the bigger electronics such as the desktops.

The mobile lab is for smaller electronics but has a technological box if a phone is placed inside, investigators don't have to worry about critical data being erased from the anyone located outside of the floor.

"We can block the network access to the device so it cannot be remotely wiped or erased," says Messick.

With plans for expanding the entire team in the future, departments across the state will know where to get information extracted if its own department doesn't have the up-to-date resources like the GBI.

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