‘More than 600 animals’ found abandoned at NC site after Florence

'More than 600 animals' found abandoned after Florence at NC site

ROBESON COUNTY, NC (WRAL/CNN) – Among the victims of Hurricane Florence were stranded animals.

Hundreds of them – cats, dogs, chickens and others – were left in rough conditions. Some survived, and some didn't.

"There are very few things that leave me speechless. And this left me speechless. There was just the sheer amount of animals," said K9 Global Rescue worker Phil, who provided only his first name.

Drone video shows the site off Highway 130 in Robeson County, where hundreds of animals were left behind in unbearable conditions after the storm.

"I've never seen anything like this. There's a total of – living and dead – there are more than 600 animals on the site," said Phil, who was still processing the sight of "dogs tied to trees, chickens floating in water, dead horses, animals struggling to survive and taking their last breaths of air."

Phil said volunteers from all over the country have traveled to Robeson County to help rescue the animals, including groups from Texas and Arizona; the U.S. Army and the North Carolina National Guard have also been assisting.

"They have been very helpful. They've rescued 97 dogs, 25 horses, one cow, four peacocks and 12 chickens," Robeson County Sheriff Kenneth Sealey said.

Animal cruelty investigator Katherine Floyd said she doesn't think the abandoned animals were necessarily casualties from Hurricane Florence, but were casualties "in the making" before the storm hit.

But Phil said maybe there's a silver lining to this story.

"As bad as this hurricane was, I hate to say it, but this hurricane was probably the best thing that could have ever happened to those animals back there. Because now they're safe. Now they're free and now they're not suffering."

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