UPDATE: Suspect in standoff with Aiken police in custody

Suspect in standoff with Aiken police in custody

AIKEN, SC (ECSC) - A man is in custody after a 5-hour standoff with police in Aiken.

According to Lt. Jake Mahoney, Aiken Public Safety received calls at around 3 p.m. saying a man was walking down Jehossee Dr. SE firing shots into the air. When police arrived, the male subject pointed the weapon at officers and fired. Officers returned fire, but no one was injured in the exchange.

The man then ran into a home belonging to his grandmother on the 100 block of Jehossee Dr. SE and barricaded himself inside.

Police surrounded the home and attempted to make contact with the man using a "distraction device" and a SLED robot.

The suspect's grandmother was still inside the home, and so police considered this a hostage situation. She was eventually allowed to leave at around 7:45 p.m.

Sheriff Michael Hunt and Chief Charles Barranco spoke to FOX 54 about the standoff. "Just a long day & a good working relationship, successful closure. It would not have been successful without the working relationship we have with all these agencies & I can't say enough about it."

SLED is now taking over the investigation since shots were fired by police. This was the outcome law enforcement said they wanted. The suspect and hostage were not hurt & were able to come out of this alive.

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