Construction on East Robinson Ave nearing completion

Construction on East Robinson Ave nearing completion

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Construction on East Robinson Avenue has been going on for two years now and is finally nearing completion. Robinson Ave goes to Gate 2 at Fort Gordon and is highly traveled so this construction has been less than ideal for many drivers.

The state identified issues with the road and have been working on it for two years now. The funding for this project comes from the TSPLOST fund.

There will be some new additions that City Administrator, John Waller, says will be beneficial for residents including extended sidewalks and bicycle lanes.

Waller says that will give it a more walkable downtown feel. "Part of the medians we're going to have they're not all going to be just concrete median is there going to be landscaped medians so we've got sidewalks on either side to make it more walkable, it's been widened so we have the ability to have turn lanes in there, putting in the traffic signal, putting in the medians part of it for aesthetics and part of it's for traffic control."

Once the project is completed the traffic signals on Katherine Street will be fully functioning and John Street will be opened.

The new signals on Katherine Street and medians that were installed to help to correct safety issues that were identified by the state.

This will help to keep people safe and traffic flowing. "All of our signals are integrated into the Columbia County traffic management system in the engineering division system up there so they've got a bank of cameras or television monitors from the hundreds of cameras from across the county and they can see where the backups are happening and they can control the length, duration of each light so they can help flush different areas as they see traffic bottling up," Waller said.

This project is expected to be completed by September 30th.

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