Grovetown woman says she and friend were stabbed by Uber driver

Uber responds to stabbing incident involving driver

GROVETOWN, GA (WFXG) - We are following a frightening story involving an Uber driver and her passengers. One of those passengers says she was stabbed by the driver on Sunday.

Teahon says the Uber driver, Shaunisha Brown, used a knife to stab her and her friend. They were arguing about dropping them off at the right location. "I thought I was going to bleed out less than a mile away from my house where my husband and children were sleeping," says Amber Teahon.

Amber Teahon, a resident of Grovetown, says she and two friends were picked up by an Uber in the early morning hours. Teahon says after getting lost multiple times, the driver pulled into Reynolds Pond subdivision and demanded that the group get out of her car. An argument ensued and she says the driver stabbed one of her friends in the arm. When the driver was leaving, Teahon says she stuck her head in the passenger window and told the driver that she "wasn't going to get away with this." That's when she says the driver punched her in the neck. She didn't realize until later that the driver had been holding an X-Acto knife.

Teahon says she spent the next two days in the ICU at Doctors Hospital, left wondering 'Why me?'. "I was really afraid that I was going to die. I knew that they rushed me in and they did a bunch of tests. I know that they did the CT on my neck to make sure she didn't hit my jugular," Teahon says.

A short time after the incident, Grovetown police located the car at a nearby gas station and took the driver, 29-year-old Shaunisha Danielee Brown, into custody. Brown was charged with aggravated assault. She was denied bond at her first appearance in Columbia County Court on Monday and, as of the time of this article, remains in the Columbia County Detention Center.

She says her and her friends didn't notice the wounds until after Brown left and the adrenaline wore off. "It wasn't until the gentleman who ordered the Uber immediately looked at me took his shirt off and said you need to press this up against your neck," she says. The stitches are a painful reminder for Amber Teahon and her husband. She says she could have lost her life that very same night where she and her friends were celebrating the life of someone they knew who passed away.

"If I could have gone back and done it all over again I still would have got in the Uber and still gone home. Never would I have thought in a million years that I was going to get stabbed," Teahon explains.

Teahon didn't find out she was charged with simple battery until FOX 54 showed her the incident report on Wednesday. She says she plans on getting a lawyer.

On Thursday, a representative of Uber issued a statement about the incident:

"What the police reported is appalling and not tolerated on the Uber app. This driver no longer has access to the app and we will work with law enforcement to assist with their investigation."

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