New legislation will help lower opioid use in Burke County

New legislation will help lower opioid use in Burke County

BURKE COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - The Senate passed bi-partisan legislation to curb the opioid epidemic. The plan requires special packaging for prescription opioids and pushes for more development of non-addictive painkillers. It will also force the post office to crack down on drug shipments.

The opioid crisis is a topic of heated conversations around the country. In Burke County, law enforcement is doing their part to keep these addictive medications off the streets and from having a horrible impact on someone's life.

"People steal pills . . they steal them out of vehicles. They will take them from home And of course people who you know might steal your pills . . and they end up getting them sold or abuse those pills," says Chief Deputy Lewis Blanchard with the Burke County Sheriff's Office.

In last month alone more than 2,400 Oxycodon pills were confiscated in Burke County. The sheriff's office knows that not everyone uses prescriptions drugs illegally but for those who have prescription drugs and have pills left over, can place them in a drop box at the sheriff's office so they do not fall into the hands of the wrong person.

"Obviously passing the new law doesn't effect those who are going to deal under criminal activity but is a step in the right direction, so is having non narcotic pills. For years I've seen where we have over prescribed medicine," explains Chief Blanchard.

The bi-partisan legislation passed by the Senate is encouraging to law enforcement. Chief Blanchard believes it is good that everyone is finally hopping on board and that the country is well on the way to conquering the opioid crisis.

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