Resources sent out from CSRA to help those impacted by Florence

Resources sent out from CSRA to help those impacted by Florence

CSRA (WFXG) - In the CSRA, the impact from Florence is no longer a threat, but local agencies are sending help to the Carolina's. The Red Cross of Augusta tells us more than 30 response vehicles are going to the coast to assist.

For the past several days agencies around the nation & in the Garden City have been assisting those affected by the howling winds and torrential rain from Florence.

"Typically you know where to send your resources. With this storm it kept changing where it was supposed to go so we had our resources available," says Steven Vincent, Chief Operating Officer of Gold Cross.

Vincent says this is nothing new for the department especially handling the damage Hurricane Irma had on our area just last year. "We said we need to be better prepared to have all of the crews interested sign up," he says.

On Sunday more than 12 personnel went to Lexington South Carolina to begin to process of transporting 75 patients to Charleston. Southstar, which has headquarters in Richmond County, has been out in the area since last weekend.

"It was literally all up and down the coast. We took patients all the way as far as inland Fort Mill, North Carolina. Greenwood, South Carolina & we took patients to Orlando, Florida," says Travis Lyle, Senior Chief at Southstar.

While our area may be in the clear, these emergency officials say in a time of need like this, it doesn't matter where the damage is done help is on the way.

"It's really a no-brainer. Somebody calls & needs help it doesn't matter where they are. They can be here, Texas or California. If you have additional resources, you send them," says Lyle.

Red Cross says in Augusta and they tell me more than 170 tractor trailers have been sent out to the Carolina's that includes tarps, cots, safety kits - all the essentials to set up shelters for disasters like this.

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