Allendale County prepares to take in Hurricane Florence evacuees

Allendale County prepares to take in Hurricane Florence evacuees

ALLENDALE COUNTY, SC (WFXG) - A lot of the people to the east on the South Carolina coast are expected to evacuate to Allendale. With the uncertainty of how Florence is going to impact this area, everyone is on high alert.

Allendale County Emergency Management Director Gidget Stanley-Banks says the reinforcements have been called in. "Anytime we've had a disaster and we get extra man power it makes a big difference because we're not stressed on how are we going to be able to get anything done."

The National Guard & State Guard are here to monitor the situation here over the next couple of days. Cpl. Avery Hewitt says, "We're here for security and any type of help."

That includes four schools. Here at Allendale Elementary, the doors opened today as the first evacuation shelter.

"Anytime we've had situations where people had to evacuate from the coast, Allendale Elementary is the first to open," says Fateish Graham, Communications Specialist for Allendale County Schools.

Since late Thursday afternoon, no one has checked in here. I'm told that should change in the next couple of days, depending on the shift Hurricane Florence makes.

The Emergency Management Director tells me right now all they can do is sit, wait, and continue to prepare for this storm. "Please don't put your guard down, please pay close attention. If you're asked to leave, please leave."

The Red Cross tells me the more evacuees that come here, the more supplies they'll get; cots and food. Right now, they have enough for 70 people. If it reaches the capacity of 400 people, there are other shelters ready to be opened at a moment's notice.

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