Hurricane Florence could affect uneven lanes on Washington Road

Hurricane Florence could affect uneven lanes on Washington Road

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - While traveling along Washington Road, you will notice the resurfacing project that started a few weeks ago. High water has been a problem on the road in the past. Well with Hurricane Florence well on its way, what happens if water is collected in the ruts and uneven lanes?

"If we monitor things and there are some issues with traffic or flooding does become a problem. Obviously, we will get the contractor out of the road and monitor that situation. If it is something our maintenance crews can deal with, maybe there is a clogged drain and we will handle that accordingly," explains Kyle Collins with the Georgia Department of Transportation.

This is a $4 million resurfacing project. The project that includes more than five miles of resurfacing on Washington Road from the Richmond County line to the north of Gibbs Road.

"Anytime there is inclement weather, drive a lot slower than you think you need to drive. And if we are getting some spend off from that hurricane with intense rain and high winds, just stay home if you can," says Collins.

With good weather, Reeves Construction Company will take sixty days to complete the overall job.

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