Jones Creek Golf Club closes, embroiled in legal battle with Columbia County

Jones Creek Golf Club closes, embroiled in legal battle with Columbia County

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - A legal battle between Columbia County and Jones Creek Golf Course is closed play on the course as of 6 p.m. Sunday night. Many golfers just heard about the closing on the day of.

I spoke with several people in the community who are very upset by this news.

"It's kinda sad. Very sad, very sad. It's sad it really is because it's just such a great place, great golf course, great layout and I hate to see that this litigation is causing this place to close."

Golf carts full of people lined up for one last swing on Jones Creek Golf Course. One golfer, Ron Benton, remembers coming to Jones Creek over 30 years ago when it first opened and coincidentally came on the day it closes. "The first years it was out here, I played out here  it was such a nice place to come to there were no houses out there then."

But now there's a whole neighborhood full of people with lifetime club memberships who fear they won't get a chance to play on the course again.

There are lots of employees, like Gregory Tripp, who carry memories from the green as well. "My first thing I said was Bobby Jones is rolling over in his grave, I mean this is a beautiful golf course."

Tripp says he found out with all the other employees on Friday that today would be the last day the course would be open. He said he had to get in one last round of golf before it closes. "I had to come the last day and I hope its temporary, I think it's temporary but you never know. I can say I played Jones Creek the last day they were open it's kind of what people are doing today coming out here to play. "

Now the golfers are just hoping for a fairy tale.

Another employee, Russell Sabol, says, "It's kind of sad to see such a beautiful golf course and such a community course have to be put to rest but hopefully someone will be a knight and shining armor and come back and buy it, hopefully someone will put it to good use."

There were even people out here for their first time, like Jon Frazier. "I just pray it does open up again one day so I can comeback and have a better time."

None of the owners were able to speak to me today but they did tell me I will be able to get more information from the attorney Monday.

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