YMCA's 'A Place To Dream' needs volunteers and donations to continue mission

YMCA's 'A Place To Dream' needs volunteers and donations to continue mission

RICHMOND COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - A bed. How much do you love yours? And how much does it matter that your children have a bed to call their own? Across the CSRA, that's a problem we've covered extensively right here on FOX 54.

One bed only costs about $100. If you add bedding, the mattress, a cute toy - the price goes up. It's an expense that may sound like a necessity to you and me, but for some, it's only a dream.

"I said, 'Lord is this what you want me to do? Is this why you brought me to the Y? Is this what you want me to do? Because it certainly has touched my heart,'" said Family YMCA of Greater Augusta's Vice President of Human Resources Tammy Butler.

People at the helm of the YMCA's A Place To Dream program know that people are the heart of their purpose. Tammy Butler is committed to the community because of the special people in her life.

"I actually started thinking about my nieces and nephews and my grandson. And I got to thinking of him sleeping on the floor at night and then trying to get up and go to school and be successful," Butler mused.

That thought, hypothetical for her, is a reality for others. Especially when more than 60 percent of children in Richmond County's low income families alone don't have a bed of their own. That's where the YMCA needs your help. Volunteers and donations are needed to continue the mission of providing children a place to dream.

"We need as many volunteers as we can get. We need people to make the beds up for us, put the beds together. Have a conversation with the family. Talk to the children. Just let them know that there are people out there that love them and that want to give them assistance," Butler said.

Resources run out fast and the YMCA is only one organization. When there's a dire need, like a fire, families need help now. They recently made an emergency donation to local families.

"They'd been burned out of their home, had been able to get another home but had no furniture. So we have made a couple of those deliveries, actually, 10 beds to two different houses for families that had no furniture at all," Butler said.

But their resources are getting low. and there is a rolling call for help. More than 300 people are on a waiting list right now to get beds. The commitment, a few hours on a Saturday to help assemble those beds and to help deliver the goods. Businesses are welcome to donate money or items like pillows, sheets, food, toys and more.

"Between the volunteers and the businesses, that is what makes it work," Butler said.

The reward? Happy faces from the kiddies, now with a place to dream, pillows and blankets to call their own and an overall sense of achievement that you could be a part of.

CLICK HERE to donate now or call (706) 922-9622 to learn more about this cause.

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