Free meals, ministry and music at Downtown Revival on the Green

Free meals, ministry and music at Downtown Revival on the Green
Michael Fogerty and others pray during the inaugural Downtown Revival on the Green

RICHMOND COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - A Richmond County man is on a mission to spread love in the heart of downtown Augusta. He organized a revival filled with ministry, free meals and music in about a month's time.

FOX 54's Jasmine Anderson shares how his vision is infusing positivity into the community.

Labor Day weekend kicked off with a bang on Reynolds Street. Michael Fogarty said it all started with a message from The Lord.

"Give food away, and then we're just gonna love on people. Talk to them, pray with them if they wanna pray, and just have fun. It's just celebrating Jesus," Michael Fogarty, Downtown Revival on the Green organizer.

Nailing down the perfect place was tricky. He was all set to settle for a different location, when he learned about a cancellation.

"I said, 'whew, I said you gotta be kidding me'. She said 'do you want the Commons area?' I said 'Did I!,'" Fogarty chuckled.

Just like this event, his faith wasn't formed in a day. Obstacles he's faced makes giving back more meaningful.

"As far as the people in this town, I used to be one of the worst.  You know, I really. I did a lot of bad things for a long time. And there's no way I could have changed, except for God," Fogarty explained.

That positivity was felt by people who attended the revival. Khadija Matthew said a leap of faith brought her here too.

"I think it's a wonderful idea that they put this type of event together. It brings people together and it's a positive cause and we need more positivity in the world," Matthew said.

The event's mission doesn't end today. Fogarty said he plans to continue spreading love and positivity throughout the CSRA.

"That's our mission is to take the city back, you know, take it back for the Lord," he said.

If you missed this inaugural event, Fogherty set up a system to help fulfill the needs of people in the area.

"I know there's a lot of people that aren't going to make it out here - and whatever your need is - me and my brothers have set up an email address. So if you have a need, or just want to talk, whatever it is. We're here to help. We don't want anything except for you to come to know the Lord, for you to be free and it's," he said.

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