H54K: Augusta teen finds artistic inspiration everywhere

H54K: Augusta teen finds artistic inspiration everywhere

(WFXG) - Jaquan Anderson is a teenager of many hats and talents - tennis, golf, math team, chorus, and art.

After he's done with his high school classes at T.W. Josey, he goes to the Jessye Norman School of the Arts to refine his craft - photojournalism.

"We tell stories, but we tell it in our own way," Anderson said. "You have the dancer who tells stories through movement. You have actors who tell stories through speaking and showing movement; and then you have singers who tells stories through music."

"Jaquan got right into doing abstract pieces," Sarah Pacetti said, a teacher at the Jessye Norman School of the Arts, "and focusing on more like texture, and detail, and stuff . . . and that sort of caught my eye."

At 16 years-old, Anderson is mentoring others and capturing advanced concepts, like exposure, in both a literal and psychological sense.

"I took a picture of a flower in the garden, and I kind of edited it because I want it to tell - like the front part of the picture - what you see when you're talking to somebody, what they want you to see," Anderson said. "And then as you go farther back and start fading away, it gets darker to the hidden emotion - what people hide when they're out in public, or what they don't want people to see."

It's that kind of imagination that lies at the center of his teacher's hopes for him.

"Continue to be proud of himself," Pacetti said, "and continued to push the boundaries of what he's already good at, to try and learn even more."

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