T.W. Josey softball team gets brand new equipment

T.W. Josey softball team gets brand new equipment

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The T.W. Josey High School softball team has brand new equipment and uniforms, after their head coach won them a grant. The nonprofit, Pitch In Softball, donated thousands of dollars worth of gear to the lady Eagles on Aug. 29. The team now has brand new gloves, bats, catcher's gear, pants, cleats and even socks.

The team was really excited to get these items. Team captain, Imani Alston, said, "Nothing ever has happened like that for us, so it makes me feel really good." The team had been using the same gear for years. Gloves they were playing with were over six years old.

Dominique Davis is the new head coach for the lady Eagles. She said when she took inventory this summer, she quickly realized something had to change. Coach Davis said, "I wanted them to have the best of the best, because they are the cream of the crop. Regardless of how many games we lose or win, I know for a fact that my girls deserve it."

Alston says her team did not always look like a team, because some players did not have what they needed. She explained, "Some people did not have cleats. Some people did not have gloves. Some people did not have visors and stuff like that." She said before, teammates would not match, and that carried into the games. Alston said, "[The new equipment] made it better, because now we are looking alike and looking like a team."

Coach Davis said this will translate into what happens on the field. Davis said, "When you look better, you do better. I think having new things will enhance their confidence and make them want to play better." Alston added, "We're all replicas of each other. We are a team; We're together. We're one. we all look like one, so we will play as one."

The lady Eagles will take the field with their new equipment for the first time next Tuesday.

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