UPDATE: Lone survivor of plane crash is now in 'critical condition'

UPDATE: Lone survivor of plane crash is now in 'critical condition'

SWAINSBORO, GA (WFXG) - The lone survivor in the plane crash at the East Georgia Regional Airport is in 'critical condition' at the Augusta University Medical Center's Trauma Unit. He went from 'serious condition' to 'critical' in a matter of hours on Sunday afternoon. He has been identified as William Middlebrooks, of Statesboro. He was skydiving with a class when witnesses say the engine sputtered, and the plane went down. He is one of two people identified from the crash so far. One of the victims, SSG Aliaksandr "Alex" Bahrytsevich, was identified by the U.S. Army in a Facebook post.

FOX 54 reporter Lex Juarez spoke with Emanuel County Coroner, W. Jeffrey Peebles, who said the four victims bodies are being transferred to the crime lab for investigation. Peebles said two of the bodies are unidentifiable. At the scene of the accident, there is a small memorial set up.

Joan Nasworthy, who was across the street during the accident, saw the whole incident. She said she knew something was wrong immediately after the plane took off. She said, "The plane was really low, and we knew he should not be flying that low." Moments later, she and her friends heard the engine sputter before watching it go down. "He jerked hard, and then it was just straight down," she added.

Nasworthy said she believes the pilot was trying to turn around and make it back to the runway. If the plane would not have turned around, she said the outcome would have been even worse. She said, "He saved each and every one of us out here."

The National Transportation and Safety Board took the plane this afternoon, and is investigating what caused the crash. As we learn more, we will update you.

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