Locals speak out about IRS phone scams

Locals speak out about IRS phone scams
People right here in the CSRA are speaking out after being targets of phone scams. Every year thousands of people fall victim to phone scams, some lose a few dollars while others lose their life savings.

The phone call often starts off with personal information being said such as a name or home address. Then a request is made, possibly even a threat, and you are left wondering if the call is legit. Before giving any additional information to an unknown caller, ask yourself who is calling and why. If a person is being pressured to give information or money then it is important to verify the company that is calling, which can be done by contacting the Better Business Bureau.
Janet Herbert received a call from someone pretending to be the IRS asking for money. She knew she did not owe the IRS so she asked a few questions. "I asked him 'Who is this?' and he gave me a name. Then I asked him 'Who do you work for?' he said the IRS. I said 'No you do not work for the IRS. Where are you located?' and he gave me a street in Washington, D.C. I asked him 'Who are you again?' he said 'Who are you?'  He got really rude and I thought this is so really ridiculous." Herbert reported the call to the IRS and blocked the number which is often what she does when she believes a call is a scam.

(WFXG) - If you have been tricked or victimized report it to the Better Business Bureau or law enforcement. Even if a victim blocks a number that does not stop a person from using another number. It is important to report the call because being a victim once is bad enough.

Imagine receiving a call saying the police is going to arrest you. Local Debra McKenzie received two calls telling her that she was going to be arrested.

"You will be taken under custody by the local police as there are four serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment," the phone scammer stated.

"That was very scary for a few minutes to think that the police could possibly be coming to pick me up or there could possibly be some allegations against me maybe under my name that wasn't correct. How would I get out of the situation and how long would that process take me? So it was pretty scary," explained McKenzie.

If you ever identify a scam make sure you report it to the Better Business Bureau so you can help others become aware of the scam.

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