Man discovers brother after 4 decades - with same first name

Man discovers brother after 4 decades - with same first name

GREECE, NY (WROC/CNN) - A man in New York wanted to know more about his birth father. A simple web search delivered much more than he expected.

Frank Puglissi was 14 when he found out he was adopted by his father. When he would ask his mother about who his real dad was, he wouldn't get many answers.

"She would always get upset and told me that he passed away," Puglissi said.

He had stopped looking for years, until this summer. One day, while his cousin Marissa was searching online, she came across an even more startling discovery.

"A picture popped up that my mom and I found, and I thought, 'Well, this person has the same name, but they're really young but they look just like my cousin," she said.

Instead of a father, they found his half-brother Frank Restagno, who lives in Canada. Before they could celebrate, they wanted to be completely sure their speculation was right.

"We took the DNA test. It took 6-10 days to get back, and it stated that we were 99.997 percent related," Puglissi said.

It's been a few weeks, and they're still processing the news.

"It's still a little surreal. That's kind of like the first word that comes to mind, right?" Restagno said.

Now they're calling themselves "Double Trouble" and making brotherly jokes along the way.

"We're both bald, you know, but I definitely do see the resemblance," Restagno said.

The two Franks are hoping to meet up eventually in a central location between Rochester and Ottawa.

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