Parents arrested for allegedly locking 4-year-old in room for extended periods

Parents arrested for allegedly locking 4-year-old in room for extended periods

KNOX COUNTY, KY (WKYT/CNN) – The parents of a 4-year-old boy in Kentucky face abuse charges, among others, after investigators found the boy in "unlivable conditions," with urine and feces in his room.

The Knox County Sheriff's Office arrested 23-year-old Nickalas Jorgenson and 23-year-old Natasha McBee Thursday after they responded to the family's home to check on their 4-year-old.

According to the arrest citation, the boy told social services he was often locked in his room for long enough that he was forced to use the bathroom on the floor. He also said he would "yell and scream for his parents to let him out."

Deputies said the 4-year-old's door had a lock on the outside and a window covered with a sheet of wood. They also found holes in the wall and floor.

"They were consistent with either trying to get out or something along those lines," Deputy Hunter Luttrell said. "The windows were boarded. There's hardly any airflow coming in and out of the room. There was feces and urine inside the room."

The boy's parents told deputies and social services they would lock him in his room for punishment for upwards of 15 to 20 minutes, according to the arrest citation.

They also said the 4-year-old liked to play with his own feces and that there was nothing "wrong" with that. Deputies said in the arrest citation the boy was covered in dirt and possible feces when they first made contact.

The 4-year-old was checked out at the hospital.

"Get the child to safety, that's the most important thing," Luttrell said.

Jorgenson and McBee were arrested and are now charged with criminal abuse, unlawful imprisonment and wanton endangerment.

Jorgenson told reporters the parents love their son.

The parents told investigators the 4-year-old's grandmother takes care of him when they go to work, according to deputies. However, the grandmother told investigators she hadn't seen the boy in a week.

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