DNA test links woman to long-lost father

Woman finds long-lost father after 32 years using Ancestry site

SACRAMENTO, CA (KTXL/CNN) - A father and daughter finally met each other in Sacramento, CA, after 32 years.

James Long never knew she existed.

Samantha Wells spent years searching for him before a DNA test produced a match.

"Ugh, I'm exhilarated," Long said prior to meeting his daughter. "I'm flying high. She's flying in today and it'll be the first time I've ever seen my daughter."

Long continued.

"All these 32 years passed, and my brother calls and says, 'Hey, your daughter wants you to call her. She's been looking for you for years and years,' " Long said.

When Wells arrived, both cried tears of joy.

There was an instant connection.

All this was made possible because of Wells' curiosity.

"So, I had a DNA test done, and, through Ancestry, and, when I got the results, I went online, and there was this Steve Long that I matched with, and I wrote him a message," Wells said.

Long said Wells' mother is his ex-girlfriend.

The two dated briefly in the 1980s and lost touch.

He never knew she got pregnant but only found out a few months ago.

"I called her and it was so emotional," Long said.

Now the family tree grows.

"Five new grandchildren all of a sudden," Long said.

Thanks to DNA technology.

"It definitely doesn't lie, and it got us directly connected," Wells said.

Now these two will to catch up on the past.

"Just sharing our lives that we've missed out on," Long said.

Wells is Long's sixth child.

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