High 5 4 Kids: Nate Craine

High 5 4 Kids: Nate Craine

(WFXG) - An Augusta teenager releases his first music album and he hasn't even graduated from high school yet.

Nate Craine is dedicated to developing his talents from the sound of his voice. to the beat of a song.

Putting his all into his music, this is 17-year-old Nate Craine.

Nate's mom Jennifer Craine, says,"He's loved music ever since he was born. He was two years old and he was dancing and singing, so he's always had a passion for music."

"I've wanted to play guitar since I was...I mean, as little as I can remember, and when the time came, my parents were signing me up for music – I found out I was too young to actually play guitar. My fingers weren't developed enough. So they started putting me on piano and I was classically trained on piano."

Now after 3 or 4 years of writing his own music, he's released a self-titled album. Nate is also the worship leader at Cross Bridge Church.

His music is faith-based, and his mother believes his talents are a gift. "Nobody in our family has any musical talent at all, and Nate's only had roughly 8 years of piano lessons, and he can play probably 15 additional instruments that he's had no training on at all," says Nate's mom.

"If you understand the theory, music-wise, and then you understand how to apply it to a specific type of instrument - it 's really easy to cross over from instrument to instrument. So I genuinely don't really know exactly how many instruments I can play, but pretty much anything that has keys, anything that you can beat on, and anything that has like frats and strings."

He sings and plays almost every instrument on his album. Nate even makes his own beats live, using a looper when he's performing, and the ambitious teen hopes this album is not his last. " I love writing and I love composing too, so not just recording... I also want to learn how to produce so that I can song write and record for other people."

If you're interested in listening to Nate Craine's self-titled album Yourself, it's available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, and Google.

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