Suspect charged with murder of Andrew Cato denied bond

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - One of the suspects charged with the murder of Andrew Cato was denied bond in the courtroom on Friday. Cato's family watched as Devin Stringfield got the news.

"He needs to see my son. He needs to see the family and the friends that are still heartbroken over this. The children that are not going to have a Dad," says Ravanna Cibak.

The pain and heartbreak of seeing a son, loved one, and a friend's alleged murderer, Devin Stringfield, in court was too much for Ravanna Cibak to bear. During the bond hearing, Judge Wade Padgett kicked three people from the Cato side out of court, one person for shouting and Cibak for holding a picture in which he called "inappropriate."

"I don't care for me. If he wants to put cuffs on me, I don't care. I care about this and this trial, My son and my son's children," says Cibak.

Stringfield was denied bond and is being charged with the murder of Andrew Cato. The Prosecution says Stringfield and Blaeke Wolfe, who is the mother of Cato's second child, planned this murder for weeks.

"Cold blooded killers. It's like being on death row, all they did was execute him, that was it," says Andy Cato.

New details came to light in the courtroom; as how Stringfield emptied the toolbox of his truck after killing Cato, dumped his body in it, and then drove it to the woods of McCormick County.

Moving forward, Drew's Father Andy says the family will have to stay strong and keep their composure so that Drew can be represented fairly in this entire process.

"The end goal is to get a fair trial and get justice for Drew. That's what we have to learn to do and temper those comments and understand what we're here for," he says.

Stringfield's Attorney argued that if he was approved bond, he would go back home to work with his dad until the trial begins. Prosecutors say he's viewed as a threat to the community because of the death of Cato.

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