High 5 4 Kids: Joseph Dey

High 5 4 Kids: Joey Dey

MARTINEZ, GA (WFXG) - Lots of kids hope to make it big on television, and In this week's High Five For Kids,  we meet a young man who is getting a head-start on his career.

In this week's High Five For Kids, we meet a future actor. If you're a regular FOX 54 viewer you probably know this kid!

"It was pretty nerve-racking cause I've never been on TV or anything like that," claims 12-year old Joseph Dey, who is still in the beginning stages of his acting career.

"They were like, 'Hey you guys ready to do the commercial?' And I was like, 'Yea!!.' And they were like,"You're pretty nervous'  and I was like 'Yea.'"

His father Richard Dey, was thrilled to showcase his son's talents so he could take some pressure off good ol' dad.

"They told me to look excited when I did the commercial, and for some weird reason, my brain registered to do your eyebrows up and down. So I said give the kid a shot. He loved it. So, you won't see me in too many more," says Richard.

But, acting is still one of MANY interests this middle school student wants to peruse.

"First, I wanted to be a police officer. Then a doctor, a firefighter, and so on. But like, dream job, I kind of want to be something famous like a movie star or something," Joseph comments.

And this guy takes his education seriously.

"Bible class-I'm a Christian, so I want to learn more about that subject. Science class…I'm not a huge science geek, but I love to learn about science and new stuff about the world."

When Joseph is not in class, on television, or playing soccer…..He's spending time with his best friend!

"He's my best friend!" says Richard. "We do everything together...We travel, go to church, and eat…We eat a lot! And we just have a good time."

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