Warning: Slow down in school zones

Warning: Slow down in school zones - Richmond County
Police are giving Augusta drivers warnings this week as school gears back up. If drivers are caught speeding in school zones, they will be pulled over. It has been a couple of months since drivers have seen active school zones and buses traveling down roads. Hopefully, drivers have done their homework on where they are located during their daily commute but if they forget, Richmond County Sheriff's Office will remind them.

(WFXG) - Deputies will be out at different school zones running laser, radar, and actively slowing people down, plus school crossing guards will be out at schools as well. Richmond County suggests you drive ten miles under the speed limit in those zones. Their overall message is for people to drive safe and remember that it is their job to pay attention in order to prevent accidents.

"If you're not paying attention, we're going to help you pay attention. You know I hate to say that and we don't like to do that but our job is to keep you safe, your family safe, and your children safe. If you don't want to take it upon yourself to help us do that, we are just going to give you a friendly reminder," explains Sgt. Mark Chestang with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

Columbia County Sheriff's Office is warning drivers to put the devices down and remember the Hands-Free law. Columbia County Sheriffs Office is hoping that will eliminate a lot of distraction for drivers this school year. The Hands-Free law is not the only law to keep in mind; drivers need to know there is a change in law for stopping for school buses.
"The law has changed. On a divided highway, if there is just a turn lane or a center turn lane in the center of the roadway, for example, Columbia road where its five lanes- two east, and two west with a center turn lane, you do not have to stop on the other side that the bus is not on," says Sgt. Bobby Bradford who is with the Columbia County Sheriff's Office.
According to Richmond County Traffic Violations Bureau, if a person caught speeding in school zones he or she could pay up to $1,400.00. If a driver is caught speeding in school zones in Columbia County it is up to $1,321.00

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