Split jet stream causing wild weather across the country

Split jet stream causing wild weather across the country

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Climate experts say wet weather over the past week or so is being caused by a split jet stream.

We often see a split jet stream during the winter, but it is unusual to see it during the summer.

The jet stream is a fast moving ribbon of air thousands of feet above the Earth that acts as a steering current for weather systems.

When the jet stream splits, it can slow some of these weather systems down.

Jennifer Francis, climate scientist at Rutgers University says: "When the jet stream does this split type of a feature, it tends to trap the weather patterns, the weather systems between those splits and makes them very stagnant and persistent. They've connected that to a lot of the most extreme events we've seen over the last couple of decades."

Some studies suggest that climate change may be slowing the jet stream, which could mean splits and stagnant weather patterns could become more common in the future.

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