American Red Cross says there is a blood emergency

American Red Cross says there is a blood emergency

(WFXG) - There is a huge need for blood donors across the nation and the American Red Cross is reaching out to everyone asking for donations. Officials at the American Red Cross say they are in need of eligible donors of all blood types.

The American Red Cross Twitter page even features a hashtag, #BloodEmergency.

According to officials, blood donations are currently being distributed to hospitals faster than donations are coming in. Due to thousands of people taking vacations, summertime is usually slow for receiving blood donations. Red blood cells have a shelf-life of only 42 days and platelets just 5 days; so officials say each donation, each day, makes a difference.

If you'd like to find your closest American Red Cross you can find it at this link.

Anyone wanting to help can donate blood or platelets from now until August 30th and they will receive an Amazon Gift card for $5.

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