People who knew Darryl Walker speak out regarding homicide

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A week has passed since firefighters found Monique Johnson dead inside her burning home. Police are still searching for Darryl Eugene Walker, the man they think killed her. FOX 54 has been following this story.

Since the incident on July 20, no updates have been given by investigators. Johnson's body was taken to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation on July 21 and we still have not been told a cause of death.

FOX 54 News Now reporter Lex Juarez went to Darryl Walker's work today to find out more about him. His employer said Walker was one of the best employees she ever had. She said that he always went above and beyond to make sure the customers were happy. She said he was a sweet man, and that she was surprised he was wanted for such a violent crime. Everyone who spoke to FOX 54 agreed.

Barbara Smiley, who works next door, said, "He was very nice. That's why we don't get it." Smiley said she and Walker used to walk to the store together when they took breaks. She said they were always joking around and laughing.

C. Wind, a customer who used to see Walker every week, said, "He was always polite and well spoken." Wind said he always saw Walker helping customers carry things to their car and checking on people to make sure they were doing okay.

Both Wind and Smiley say they never thought Walker would be in this situation. However, this is not Walker's first brush with the law. Walker is currently out on probation after serving fifteen years in prison. His family said that even though he has been convicted of a crime before, that does not mean he did this.

Ulysses Guest, Walker's Cousin, said, "He had a temper on him, but he was a great person." Guest said that even though Walker was his cousin, he felt more like a brother. He said Walker was not the same when he got out of prison. He said, "From having a temper, to where he would probably be psychotic or insane, because for fifteen years he had to fend for his life." Guest said he wishes Walker would have gotten help before something like this happened.

People who saw Walker every day before the incident said they never saw a bad side of him. Everyone said they hope he comes back soon. Smiley said, "Come home. Do what you gotta do. Do the right thing, man. Do the right thing."

FOX 54 will continue to follow this story and bring updates.

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