Investigators say Missing Grovetown Woman was taken from home

Investigators searching for clues for missing Grovetown Mother

GROVETOWN, GA (WFXG) - Columbia County Investigators are still searching the home of a missing woman for clues.

39-year-old Andrya Deghelder's has seemingly disappeared without a trace. The Grovetown woman went missing at some point on Wednesday leaving her job as a nurse at the Medical Center.

"You don't see police tape and all that in areas like this. That's in other parts of Augusta," says one neighbor.

Friday is Day 2 of the investigation that has Columbia County Sheriff's Office along with other units collecting evidence at 39-year-old Andrya Deghelder's home. This Nurse was last seen Wednesday morning leaving work & Investigators have collected a key piece of evidence in her cell-phone.

"We're in the process of extracting data from the phone. We have not gotten that information back completely so we're waiting on that," says Major Steve Morris.

Major Morris says at this stage of the investigation he can say she didn't leave her home by choice. Based on the evidence that we've seen and collected at the home, we feel pretty confident that she left that residence unwillingly," he says.

All of these twists and turns in the disappearance of this mother shock the people living in this tight-knit Grovetown Community.

"I can't imagine somebody trying to take someone from my house," says one resident.

Crime scene investigators and deputies will continue to collect clues and speak to family, friends, and coworkers. The department is hoping for a break in this case soon.

"We've made some good progress, but we definitely have more questions than answers," says Major Morris.

Major Morris tells FOX 54 there's no timetable for when investigators and crews will be finished collecting evidence here at her home. They're asking for the public's help as well as neighbors. If you have any information, contact the Columbia County Sheriff's Office.

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