Investigators searching for clues for missing Grovetown Mother

GROVETOWN, GA (WFXG) - Columbia County Investigators are searching for a missing mother. She hasn't been seen in over 24 hours. 39-year-old Andrya Deghelder was last seen leaving her job as a nurse at the VA Hospital on Wednesday.

It's a sight that many in this neighborhood aren't used to seeing.

"I've been on edge all day just knowing that it's this close to home and I can sit on my porch and see her front door," says one neighbor.

She didn't want to disclose her identity but says she couldn't imagine why there was such a heavy police presence in Great Falls in front of Andrya Deghelder's home on Thursday.

"This is just unusual for something like this to happen in this neighborhood. We've been here for 15 years and have never had any problems," she says.

Investigators say Deghelder was last seen Wednesday morning leaving her night shift as a nurse at the VA Medical Center. She was supposed to return later that night for her next shift but never clocked in. A friend went to check on her at her home. That friend then called authorities to do a wellness check.

"I believe she worked and came home and that was about it. We never saw a lot of people at her home," this neighbor explains.

Investigators have been canvassing the neighborhood including her home, collecting clues and even checking the surveillance footage of this neighbor. They're looking for any signs that can point to finding this mother.

"I'm just praying we see her come home and be safe and well and for some reason just went away for a while and needed a break or something."

Investigators plan on coming back out tomorrow and continue to talk with neighbors, family members and coworkers to find out any information. We're told the mother's child lives with the father and is safe.

If you have any details that you may think can help with this investigation, contact the Columbia County Sheriff's Office.

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