Compliance Checks conducted among area alcohol retailers

Compliance Checks conducted among area alcohol retailers

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - On Tuesday, the Columbia County Sheriff's Office conducted compliance checks at ten local businesses licensed to sell alcoholic beverages in the Columbia County community.

These checks are conducted in an effort to "reduce underage drinking, which we (Col.County Sheriff's Office) believe contributes to car crashes, addiction, unwanted sexual encounters, teenage pregnancy, and death by alcohol poisoning."

Columbia County Sheriff's Office also states that "When combined with a comprehensive community approach, they can help keep alcohol out of the hands of our most precious commodity, our children."

Two establishments properly demonstrated responsible alcohol sales to an under-21 aged deputy when conducting the compliance checks:

  1. TPS at 5142 Washington Road
  2. Spirits at 4435 Washington Road

Eight establishments sold to the underage buyer and were cited for "Sale of Alchocol without Proper Identification" :

  1. Woody's Beverage
  2. Ridge Road Bait and Tackle
  3. Pair of Jacks
  4. Speedy Mart
  5. Circle K (Woodbridge)
  6. Harvard's Beverage
  7. Allan's County Store
  8. Evans Package Store

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