Peach State 2018 Ed Tech Summit

Peach State Summit Tech Summit Workshop

Around 300 teachers who work in the CSRA spent their day at Grovetown High School for the first day of the Peach State 20-18 Summit.

The two-day event brings in certified educators, trainers, and innovators from Google who are hosting workshops.

These classes will give educators more technology tools to bring into their classrooms.

The educators will be able to choose which topics they would like to learn about.

People working at the event say this is about more than just teaching educators about technology, it's about getting them excited to use it in their classes.

"As kids become more and more familiar with technology at their fingertips, we like to make sure teachers know how to use it effectively in the classrooms."

The summit continues all day tomorrow. Organizers are excited about the turnout and what educators are going to be bringing to the schools in the CSRA.

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