Coliseum Authority votes not to re-build JBA at its current site downtown

What's next for the James Brown Arena?

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Augusta Coliseum Authority voted on how to move forward with the James Brown Arena on Tuesday. That decision has some board members thinking they're back at square one and should start the process all over again.

With a show of four hands, the Coliseum Authority voted not to continue the study to work on putting the James Brown Arena at its current location downtown.

"We've heard from the people for the most part even though there were some confusing results on that. I think at the end of the day that was a resounding yes for downtown," says John Kelley.

Kelley was one of the two members who were in favor of leaving the JBA downtown. Despite that, he says more information does need to be provided to the full board on the entire study.

"I don't care if you're building a hospital or building a house. Unless you are an expert in that field, you need to know what things are going to cost, you need to know a lot more details and you need to know your proper due diligence," he says.

Bonita Jenkins says she heard concerns from voters during the May Primaries. On the ballot for voters, around 60 percent voted in favor of keeping the arena downtown and rebuilding it instead of building it at the old Regency Mall site.

"If downtown is the right place to put it then let's put it downtown. But I have questions about putting a bigger arena in the same place if we already have parking problems and other problems," says Jenkins.

With the current arena already way past its life expectancy date, some are saying whether continuing with building the arena at its current site or start from scratch at a new destination is the next best decision.

"We need to come together on what is next. I honestly feel like we need to start over because something is happening wrong," explains Jenkins.

There's no set timeline when the coliseum authority will vote on this again. They meet once a month.

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