Cancer Forum Brings Education to Under-served Community

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Georgia Cancer Center and the c-CARE Initiative partnered with the General Missionary Baptist Convention to put on a cancer forum for church members out of the 10th District on July 21.

The event brought representatives from 50 churches into Augusta.

The main goal of the forum was to bring education and awareness of resources to people in the African American community.

Organizers of the event say there is a disparity in this community when it comes to cancer prevention and care. Their hope is to start in the church and expand into the rest of the CSRA.

They say the church is the best place to start because the church is the pulse of the community.

Reverend Karlton Howard said, "It's the best conduit to get to our people. We have pastors who are concerned about their members, and that goes not just for spiritual value, but also physical value when it comes to healthcare."

The church representatives that were at the forum are expected to take what they learned back to their congregations and educate them.

Reverend Howard says he hopes this is the first of many forums to come.

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