Development moving forward in Grovetown

Development moving forward in Grovetown

There is no need to worry about construction slowing down in Grovetown. Some residents are concerned that projects are at a standstill, but, city leaders say the development in the city is moving forward in stages.

In 2017, residents saw a lot of ground being broken and a lot of houses, town homes, and projects coming out of the ground but over time residents will continue to see the boom in developments.
Grovetown is now in the phase where there are six different projects in the planning stages that people will see breaking ground again in the fall and spring of 2019.
Many may be familiar with a big project off of Horizon South Parkway behind Augusta Tech. At times, construction crews can be seen working and then randomly stop. This is because the project is a multi-year and multi-phased operation.
"It began with some single-family homes and they have now broken ground and are working on some townhomes. What we have in front of us here are plans for the next couple of phases which include an apartment complex as well as some potential offices and commercial space so you will see potential fits and starts," says John Waller, City Administrator for Grovetown.
So while one phase has completed, the next phase is being planned behind the scene with the architects and engineers. Then, they will set a plan and permits will be issued, and residents will see the next phase.

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - The area south of Robinson Avenue has not seen much development in the past couple of years due to environmental protection reasons and the wastewater treatment plant.

Construction is underway right now for a new $24 million dollar wastewater plant in Grovetown, and while that is being built, the area is not equipped to handle any additional wastewater that may come with large new developments.
City leaders tell FOX 54 their vision for growth here, down the line, is one of the reasons why the new plant is being built in the first place. The plant should be up and running by the spring of 2019, and there are a number of developers who are anxiously awaiting that time.

"There are many developers right now who have purchased property and are making plans to purchase property so that when that plant goes operational they will be able to have all of the behind the scenes planning permitting done, hit the ground running in the next spring and summer.", explains Waller.

Residential growth is not expected to stop anytime soon so the future of Grovetown is all about expansion. Waller says it is their responsibility to be smart with planning all the developments in the area.

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