Entertainment Zone expects to have Open Container in certain downtown area's

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Augusta-Richmond County Leaders recently voted on creating a subcommittee to create an entertainment zone in parts of the downtown area. 
District 7 Commissioner Sean Frantom and others will meet in the coming weeks on how this can be successful.

Taking a walk downtown, you can sense something special is in the works.

"With the growth that's happening right now, there's just a buzz happening. I've talked with realtors, I've talked with owners," says Steve Cheeks.

With the recent opening of Building 1 for the Cybercenter representing part of a $100 million-dollar investment just a couple of blocks away, people who grew up in the area remember when there was nothing.

"We used to ride our bikes down here and it was a ghost town. There was Joe's downtown and Soul Bar and other than that it wasn't a viable entertainment area," says Cheeks.

But now something new is in the works. Commissioners have given the go-ahead on Tuesday to create a subcommittee that Commissioner Sean Frantom will lead--creating an Entertainment Zone. The purpose is to add tables and chairs outside of bars and allow people to carry their drinks in those areas.

"It shows we're being a progressive city. It shows we're upping our game to make people's experience in Augusta better whether you're traveling to Augusta, or whether you live in Augusta," says Sean Frantom.

The Mayor's Office, Sheriff's Department, and Business Owners to name a few will be apart of this subcommittee to lay down the groundwork on how this could be successful. Something Cheeks says can add to the already growing CSRA

"When People come here I want them to leave with the impression that Augusta is the place to be," says Cheeks.

Frantom tells FOX 54 the subcommittee plans on meeting in a couple of weeks.

Then it will take what's collected to the commission for a vote at a later date.

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