Commission votes on rezoning property on Skinner Mill Road to Restaurant/Bar

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Augusta – Richmond County Commission Chamber was filled on Tuesday as Commissioners voted on rezoning a property in the Skinner Mill neighborhood. The Developer says he wants to turn it into a restaurant/bar, but neighbors say there are safety concerns.

The vacant property of 3004 Skinner Mill Road was the center of debate inside the Richmond County Commission Chambers as Commissioners voted to rezone the property to a bar and restaurant. On one side you have homeowners who were against it.

"The residents of the surrounding neighborhoods have in hand approximately 200 plus signed opposing this bar and grill," says Mary Tibbetts.

But the other side, those who were for it. The Owner and Developer of the property, Rody Jacobs says the vote for the Commissioners speak for itself.

"With a 9-0 vote it shows that we have done our due diligence and people want to see the project come to fruition," says Jacobs.

Neighbors say there are many concerns. For example, the area is not well lit where the proposed restaurant will be and there are traffic issues. All concerns Jacobs says he plans on solving.

"One of the things we want to incorporate on the designs is being able to illuminate the sites and address those concerns of the darkness of the area, of the curve and also incorporate the sidewalks so it is walkable from the neighborhoods," he says.

While the 125 seat restaurant now has been approved by Commissioners and Planning & Zoning, Jacobs hopes in time neighbors will also approve the restaurant that he says will be unique to that area.

Jacobs says they're expecting to break ground within the next 90 days with a target date to have this restaurant open by next year.

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